Algordanza International partners personally picking up diamonds

Ordering a diamond is easy

Contact Algordanza or you nearest funeral home

We are pleased to recommend a funeral home partner close to you. Our partners are funeral professionals; competent, caring and are happy to consult you on your order. If there is no partner near to you, our team in Vancouver, BC will be at your disposal to assist you with the process.

Securing the ashes

Most ashes to diamonds companies want you to send your loved one’s ashes through the mail, which is often lost, stolen or sent to the wrong address.

We understand that handling your loved one’s ashes or cremains can be overwhelmingly emotional, therefore we offer two options.

Option 1: ALGORDANZA Canada will provide a special courier to secure your ashes or hair, whether from you or your funeral home.

Option 2: Alternatively, if you would prefer to personally hand over the ashes/hair yourself, and visit our lab in Switzerland, please contact us to arrange a visit.

Traditional urn for holding cremation ashes carried by undertaker
Rinaldo Willy signs guarantee of authenticy

Sign our contract with peace of mind

After signing our contract, a unique reference number will be provided to you for your future tracking purposes, and 50% of the payment is required at this stage. This unique Algordanza reference number will be etched into the girdle of your cremation diamond with a laser confirming authenticity.

Your memorial diamond is finished

Once our Swiss lab has received the ashes or hair, it will take approximately (depending on the size) 4 to 8 months for the growth of a cremation diamond.

Once the process of making your cremation diamond has started you will be sent updates for each stage of the process. 

Once your cremation diamond is finished, we will arrange to deliver your diamond to your funeral home. The remaining 50% payment is due upon completion.

Rough uncut diamond finished being polished
Algordanza partners with funeral home for your security

Some things to consider

Who is the cremation diamond for?

Would you like one or two larger memorial diamonds created as a remembrance of your loved one? Such diamonds could be displayed at home for all family members to see or made into jewellery such as rings or pendants. Depending on the amount of carbon in the ashes, multiple diamonds can be made.

Family cremation diamonds

Would you like a limited number (up to 4) smaller diamonds made for each family member to remember their lost loved one in their own way? Depending on the amount of ashes available we can make multiple diamonds for each family member.

The diamond's carbon source

ALGORDANZA can grow diamonds from the cremated ashes of a lost loved one, or we can use their hair.  For more information on how ashes or hair are turned into diamonds and why ALGORDANZA is the world’s first choice for turning ashes into diamonds.

If you have any questions about the process of turning ashes to diamonds or want to make arrangements to visit our production facilities in Switzerland, please contact René De Diego your ALGORDANZA representative in Canada.

Diamonds from hair, Algordanza hair diamonds are naturally blue due to boron


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