Algordanza offers a pre-paid diamond funeral plan

Algordanza prepaid diamond burial plan

Ensure your diamond legacy and help relieve financial burdens for your family at your time of passing

Many individuals want to arrange their funerals and organise a memorial diamond during their lifetime. With an Algordanza Prepaid Memorial Diamond Plan, you get peace of mind that your costs and arrangements have been taken care of. We are Canada’s leading provider of Memorial Diamonds and our Prepaid Plan has helped many people make provisions for their diamond funeral costs in advance.

Making an ALGORDANZA Prepaid Plan expresses your desire to your family, that you want your ashes to be turned into a diamond at your time of passing. A prepaid plan also helps relieve your Family of financial burdens.

Prepaid Memorial Diamond Plan

With the Algordanza Prepaid Memorial Diamond Plan, we offer you an uncomplicated and transparent means to turn your ashes to diamonds in the future with a price guarantee. In the event of your death, we guarantee that your desired Memorial Diamond, or diamonds for multiple family members, will be made from your ashes for the loved ones you you choose.

Decide on the carbon source you want, choose the size, quantity and the cut for your unique memorial diamond. After your passing, your loved ones will receive the memorial diamond(s); a reflection of your personality. In this way, your essence will remain everlasting and become a cherished memory for generations.

The Algordanza Prepaid Memorial Diamond Plan is an easy and simple way to prepay your diamond burial. With our Prepaid Memorial Diamond Plan you are entitled to have one or more memorial diamonds made from your cremated remains for your loved ones after your passing.

Algordanza offers a pre-paid diamond funeral plan
Memorial diamonds help with bereavement

Prepaid Diamond Plan Advantages

Your loved ones benefit from the pre-payment made by you when signing the contract, which will help during the difficult time of saying goodbye in addition to the financial support or even complete relief of financial burdens.

  • Declaration of your wish to become a diamond
  • Price guarantee for valid rates at contract conclusion
  • Pre-payment of 50% or 100%
  • Security: access through third-parties not possible
  • Financial security through trustee guaranteed account
  • Indemnity through distinguished Swiss Trust Office
  • Information about our guarantee possible at any time
  • Financial relief for family through Prepaid Funeral Plan

100% Protected Prepaid Plan

The Algordanza Vorsorge GmbH, which is legally and financially independent from Algordanza AG in Switzerland, secures all funds for the advance payments of Algordanza’s prepaid memorial diamond plan. Managed by Swiss trustees and accountants, the funds are seperate from Algordanza AG in Switzerland. Only at the time of your death with the funds be transferred to  the Algordanza AG and used for the creation of your memorial diamond. The funds for your prepaid plan are 100% safe and completely protected.

Memorial Diamond tear cut medium blue
Algordanza offers a pre-paid diamond funeral plan

PG 100

At contract conclusion, you pay the total amount on the trustee administrated account. The price complies with the valid rates at contract conclusion. Upon your passing, we grow the diamonds according to your wishes according to the contract. Your loved ones will receive the diamond(s) without any further payment.

PG 50

At contract conclusion, you complete a down payment of 50 percent of the total amount. The price complies with the valid rates at contract conclusion. Upon your passing, we grow the diamond(s) according to the contract. The outstanding instalment will be subjected to inflation based on the Consumer Price Index of Switzerland. Your loved ones will be asked to pay the outstanding instalment prior to receiving their finished Memorial Diamonds.


Put the signed declaration of will with your other important documents, such as your birth certificate and Last Will and Testament. Also, let your family know where to find it and your desire to have your ashes turned into a diamond when you die. These are the first documents your funeral director needs in case of your passing. Adding your funeral wishes to your Last Will is not sufficient, as a Last Will is usually opened weeks after the funeral.

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