Memorial Diamonds help to remember the times we shared

What Our Families Served Have To Say

Over the years we’ve served many families; and although most order through funeral homes, there are recipients of memorial diamonds that do take the time to reach out and share their experiences and thoughts with us.  For this we are forever humbled and grateful.  If you wish to have a sense of how receiving a memorial Diamond of your own may be meaningful to you, please read these treasured comments below.

Dear Mr. de Diego.

Thank you so much, my memorial diamond is everything I could have hoped for!  I am looking forward to having it made into a ring to wear in memory of my husband.


Okanagan, BC

Hi René,

I hope your trip to Toronto was worthwhile, and your family is happy you’re back home!

It was wonderful to meet you.  To have you personally deliver my dad back to me was a very special and kind occurrence.  I am sure you have an idea of how special and meaningful the diamond is to me.  I am forever grateful for your help, support and expediency of service you provide.  I hope to stay in touch, and will most definitely touch base with you when I return to Vancouver.

Again, thank you so very much for everything.  You made the whole experience worthwhile.


Toronto, ON


It is bright and spectacular – I’m so excited!  Thank you so much, I couldn’t ask for more for Christmas.  I’ll be on the phone to the jeweller tomorrow morning first thing AST.  I really appreciate you going over to get it, thanks again.


Dartmouth, NS

Hello René,

We went to pick up the stones today.  I am amazed myself with the fact that two colours came out of the same sample and that my cut is blue which is my colour and my wife is white which is more her.

We are very thankful for everything. If you have a testimonial page I would be more than happy to share my experience.

Have a nice day.


Montréal, QC

Hello René

Thanks.  And, yes, I LOVE it.  I am so happy to have it back and completed so I can have it on me and her with me every day now!  I cried when (my jeweller) showed me the ring and asked if I could hug him.  🙂

Thanks so much for helping me make this a perfect makeover for her! 

I will be showing it off and recommending you, and doing this, to anyone in need of a solution for remembering a loved one gone too soon. 


Kamloops, BC


I’ve received the Memorial Diamonds you sent.  Thanks, they’re beautiful, and a wonderful memorial in honour of my late wife.


San Francisco, CA

Hi René,

Thanks you so much for your patience and answering all of my questions and guiding me through the process.  I’m very happy with the end result.  I haven’t had the stone mounted yet.  I will send you a photo, once it is completed. 

I’d be happy to come forward and talk about the process and end result if you ever need someone to.  

Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas.  

Thanks again,


Victoria, BC

Dear René,

I’m sorry I haven’t replied sooner but Christmas was more difficult than I had expected.  I absolutely love the diamond and am so happy with the colour; blue was (my daughter’s) favourite colour.  I can’t wait to have it set into the ring. 

Thank you very much for your help and for delivering it to (her sister); that meant so much to her to feel a part of the process.  I will send you a picture of the ring once I get it.



Winnipeg, MB

From a Funeral Director

Hello René,

Stephen was just in to receive his Memorial Diamonds.  He was very impressed by their appearance.  He mentioned how he appreciated that each step of the process was communicated to him.

Your team does an excellent job, thank you very much.


Calgary, AB

Hello René,

It’s taken me awhile to give you more details about our visit with Rinaldo (at Algordanza’s head office in Switzerland).

I was so impressed that we met with him and thought that we would perhaps meet with one of his employees for our tour.  He was so passionate about his work and gave us his whole story of how his company got started.  He was sensitive and explained the process in terms we could understand.  Although it was very painful to be there, it was also very healing.  We are so glad we went.  Just so you know, since then I have been a huge advocate of the whole idea.  I am telling anyone who will listen and I have been getting positive feedback.  I won’t be surprised if in the future people will be contacting me about this process I am going through.  Somehow it’s not as difficult to talk about as I thought and people are intrigued.

I look forward to setting the diamonds and showing them to all our friends and family.


Stouffville, ON


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