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Memorial and Cremation Diamonds from Ashes / Hair

Cremation Ashes to Diamonds

A cremation diamond or ash diamond is a unique alternative or addition to the traditional urn interment in which we grow a diamond from cremated ashes using special HPHT presses. Algordanza cremation diamonds are created purely from 100% of cremated human remains.

Hair to Memorial Diamonds

Memorial diamonds are grown using the same process as cremation diamonds, but can be grown from hair or a combination of hair and cremation ashes or even sentimental objects. Because we can combine cremated remains with hair, a larger memorial diamond or multiple diamonds can be grown so that each family member can have a way to remember a loved one.

Ashes to Diamonds Price

The price of a cremation or memorial diamond starts at $3,699 and depends on the carat size requested, the cut and whether it is made from ashes, hair or a combination of both.

Ashes to Diamonds Costs

Blue and colourless diamonds are the most difficult and time consuming diamonds to grow, taking months from start to finish. Algordanza specializes in these very rare and precious diamonds from ashes. The process of creating a diamond from ashes is more complex and therefore more expensive than making a diamond from hair. Costs include shipping charges, cutting or polishing, processing fees, growth of the diamond as well as aditional fees from your trusted funeral home, should any incur.

Process of Turning Ashes into Diamonds

Many people wonder what to do with the cremation ashes of a loved one. For Algordanza, the idea to turn ashes into diamonds happened in 2003 in Switzerland as a means of unique remembrance and bereavement for the loved ones we’ve lost.

With special high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) presses and great precision, we can take a natural diamond seed and simulate the natural diamond growth process. You can watch our short video on how we turn ashes into cremation diamonds, or follow the link below.

Pre-plan Your Diamond Burial

With the Algordanza Pre-paid Diamond Burial Plan you are expressing your wish for one or more diamonds to be made from your cremated ashes or hair for your loved ones after your passing. A process that will spare your family additional tasks and financial burdens, in a time of grief and mourning.

Unique Cremation Jewelry

It has been especially gratifying to see how our clients have taken their Algordanza diamonds made from ashes or hair and set them into jewelry, reflecting the uniqueness of each loved person. You can set your diamond into rings, pendants for neclaces or custom design your own jewelry with us.

Choose Algordanza for Peace of Mind.

  • 100% real diamonds from ashes with certificate of guarantee and origin
  • We work with thousands of funeral homes and are a member of the most reputable funeral organisations around the world for your security
  • The higest quality processing and presses made in Germany
  • Real client testimonials and news publications
  • The only ashes to diamonds company officially notarized by a government
  • Only company to offer lab visits, come visit us in Domat Switzerland!

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Like any high quality lab grown diamond, ALGORDANZA diamonds have the same physical, chemical and optical properties as a natural diamond. In our Swiss lab located in Domat/Ems, Switzerland we recreate the natural formation conditions so that your individual ALGORDANZA diamond can grow.

It is not the volume of ash that is decisive for the growth of a cremation diamond, but its carbon content. A cremation diamond is grown purely from the carbon extracted from human ashes of which a minimum of 500g is needed to grow, this is because ashes contain approximately 20% carbon.
If a company that turns ashes to diamonds needs less than 500g of ashes, they are more than likely adding industrial carbon (impurities) to the process in order to create the size of diamond needed, Algordanza guarantees that your cremation diamond is made of 100% of your loved ones ashes.

Since hair contains approximately 51% carbon a much smaller amount of hair can be made into a diamond or diamonds.

If you choose a memorial diamond, then a minimum of 5g of hair is needed, or a combination of hair and ashes. Don’t know how much of each you can acquire?
Contact us for help, we will help you to find out.

We document our rigorous quality control with an ALGORDANZA certificate. We guarantee authenticity, weight, cut, colour and the origin of the diamond having been created from the delivered cremation ashes or hair.

Each diamond order is marked with a unique reference number. (This reference number will be provided to you when you sign the order form) Consequently, we are able to retrace every step of the process; starting from the order to the finalized diamond. Throughout the process, we provide information on the status of the transformation as each stage completes.


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