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Content, Character, Actuality and Responsibility

The webpages of ALGORDANZA provide general information about the company, the products and services. The webpages are a service for its visitors. ALGORDANZA reserves the right, to change, delete or complement the content on these pages without prior notice and without giving any reasons. As with other editorial material, the information can become obsolescent over time. ALGORDANZA strives to supply accurate information through careful selection and constant review. However, ALGORDANZA assumes no liability for validity, integrity or accuracy of the information on these pages.

Internet ethics

ALGORDANZA aims to comply ethically with the information provided on these pages, information of third parties and information generated by visitors of these pages. The visit of the pages is registered electronically. These visitors’ records serve ALGORDANZA to establish statistics, to show, which pages are the most popular.

Intellectual Property

All information and illustrations present – if nothing else indicated – are authored by ALGORDANZA or is its property. Thus, the complete content of these webpages is copyrighted. The entire or partial reproduction, transport (electronically or any other ways), modification, linkage or use of this webpage for public or commercial use without prior written approval of ALGORDANZA is prohibited.

No Binding Offer

No element or information of these pages is a binding offer to a visitor of this webpage. If ALGORDANZA wants to make an exceptional binding offer on these pages, it will be declared clearly and unambiguous as such. If there is doubt about a possible binding offer, the visitor must assume that ALGORDANZA does not want to make a binding offer.


If legally possible, ALGORDANZA excludes any liability for damage or consequential damage resulting from access or use (resp. the impossible access or use) of any elements of the ALGORDANZA webpage. Neither ALGORDANZA nor others involved in the preparation, design or provision of are liable for direct damages, indirect damages, consequential damages or other damages – be it due to violation of contractual obligations, negligence or an other illicit action – in consequence of visiting, usage or missing opportunities for use of plus any damages in consequence of mistakes or omission of the content. ALGORDANZA did not review the linked webpages and does not take responsibility for offered products, services or other offers on these webpages.


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